Dr Ruth Wilson a junior doctor hears voices – a male voice that slowly begins to oppress her, trying to control her will and suggesting that she commits acts that are otherwise against her own nature. Doctors are convinced that this is a psychological issue but is there another hypothesis? Deanna Laney has murdered her children because the voices told her to do it and Andrea Yates killed her children by drowning them in a bathtub.

Can demonic forces take over and control an individual, causing them to commit a wicked act of murder or other criminal act. Satan’s minions are on the prowl again and have managed to influence a woman named Deanna Laney. In the name of God; she has taken the lives of her two young sons by stoning them to death in an almost Biblical fashion. I believe the demonic laugh of success echoes her mind to this day – torturing her day and night. She now knows she was wrong but why did she do it? Claiming to hear voices in her mind and receiving signs from discarnate spirits from another realm. She acted on the will of God or so she believed.

Convicted homemaker Deanna Laney, a 39-year old Texas wife and mother pleaded legal insanity at a Texas court. A jury’s closing statements inferred that, on the 11th May 2003, Deanna acted Insanely and could not possibly have known the difference between right and wrong. Aaron, the third son survived the ordeal, though will remain blinded for life – brain injured and no doubt traumatized.

Another woman; Andrea Yates – also found legally insane by a Texas jury. Yates drowned her 5 children in a bathtub in 20th June 2001 in another biblical right of sacrifice. Andrea believed that Satan had took over her soul and that he was aiming for her children’s souls next – this is why she killed them to spare the children from the evil wrath. She also argued that her children would go straight to heaven as they remained perfect in their innocence and her life was payment in full for the atrocious act. She believed that by fullfilling a biblical prophecy, she would defeat the evil that took over her; Further, she believed this act would save her family and she would be saved.

Dr Ruth Wilson a Junior doctor in a hospital in England hears the voice of a male that begins to oppress her and control her life. Telling her to kill herself and commit acts that are undeniably insane by a psychological examiner – her life and career lies in the balance.

As a professional spiritual medium who works on Request personal prophecy cases such as these and appears as an expert on many media shows; my theory for these cases would be the belief that they all portray elements of possible spirit attachment or Demonic possession. I have personally carried out exorcisms and experienced paranormal phenomena that i can only describe as terrifying. My wife has also been face-to-face with evil entities that just laughed at her and swore at her. Do you think its possible then, that a case of insanity could in fact be Demonic possession or a case for insanity or hearing voices could be spirit communication or attachment? I would like you to consider the events that led up to a homicide or other such crime. Mostly, the perpetrator of the crime will insist that they were acting on the instructions of an unseen entity – they heard the entity speak to them direct and order the crime. This of course never happens instantaneously as most individuals that are the house for the spirit, claim to have a continuing affiliation with these entities over a period of time, therefore it cannot be a one off act. At first the spirit or demon, and i make this deliberate separation – these are two different entities. One is a grounded spirit intent on having fun and causing mischief, the other is pure evil acting out the will of its dark vibration – Will come in a cloak of light claiming to sympathise with the chosen host (victim) and offer help and friendship as a bargaining tool. Often the spirit will claim to be an angel or spirit from heaven or the light and when the victim drops their guard a full possession can take place over time. Most possessions also have a trend whereby the host for possession lives a life that is conducive to harming the soul by the use a narcotics, severe alcohol consumption and the ability to carry out criminal acts.

In 1969 a young woman named Annelise Michel was diagnosed with severe epilepsy because of her nightly seizures, paralysis and inability to speak. Later while praying she began to see demonic entities and believed her condition was the result of demonic possession. She and her family were devout catholics and in 1973 requested the catholic church carry out the right of exorcism (Rituale Romanum) – it was denied. Finally after an exhaustive investigation by the catholic church, in 1975 Bishop Josef Stangl approved the exorcism – the exorcism was going to be conducted weekly in her home. During the exorcisms, She predicted the day when the demons had to leave her and on July 1st 1976 she died – just as previously predicted.

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