Now that you’ve spent a great deal of time and energy baby proofing the rooms of your home, it’s time to be aware of the dangers that are present within your own yard or in the places that your babies will visit. Just becoming aware of the dangers is a very important first step to keeping your baby safe whenever he or she goes out. Here are a few suggestions:

You should never leave your baby alone when he or she is outside, even if the baby is strapped into a car seat or a stroller. The dangers in this area include the stroller rolling, baby becoming entangled in straps, dangers from other children or strangers or even from dogs or cats. The possibilities of what could happen when you’re not around are endless.

Water is an especially dangerous thing for babies and toddlers. Any pools should have a fence around them to keep baby out. A pool alarm is good to have and will sound if anything breaks the surface of the water, but never exclusively rely on equipment to keep your baby safe. Things like fountains and ponds should be out of bounds to baby as well. Keep a close eye on any containers like baby swimming pools or even 안전놀이터 buckets that might collect rain water. Keep the water dumped out or put these items away so that they cannot continue to collect water. Your baby can drown in as little as one inch of water.

Whenever playing outside, whether it’s in your own backyard, at a friend’s house or at the playground, make sure that the play area is free of dog droppings, broken glass, trash and any other debris. Though you may be relatively certain that these items are not in your own yard, you can be sure to find them at playgrounds and other public areas.

Make sure that your baby knows that it is not okay to ever put any plants of any kind into his or her mouth. Certain plants can be poisonous and even fatal if swallowed. Don’t even encourage baby to pick flowers as this might send mixed messages about flowers being an “okay” plaything.

Play equipment should be checked regularly for any sharp edges or broken pieces. Anything that is rusted or in disrepair should be removed and replaced right away. Bolts and screws should be capped to prevent cuts and injuries. Swings should be made out of pliable material such as plastic or leather. Play equipment should be at least six feet from walls, fences or trees. The area around play equipment should be free of large rocks, broken glass, etc. Wood chips, rubber chips or sawdust are ideal materials for play areas because of their shock absorbing qualities.

Your baby or toddler should know to ask you if it’s okay before petting dogs or any other animal. If they are old enough to understand, you should talk to them about not ever running or flailing their arms around dogs. If they are afraid of a dog, you should teach them to “freeze” and bring their arms and hands to their body. A dog’s instinct is to run after anything or anyone that is running away from it. Sometimes even an animal that is “playing” can seriously injure a baby or a toddler.

We all wish that we could protect our baby or toddler 24 hours a day, 7 days a week but in reality it’s just not possible. No matter how closely you watch your child, he or she will find themselves alone in or around some type of safety hazard. By preparing them in advance, we offer our child the best possible opportunity to stay safe whether they are under our watchful eyes or not.

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