Personal appearance and grooming has always been important to most people, but never more so than in the current competitive society in which we live. Generally people are unhappy with the way they look and are always trying to find ways to improve their appearance. This is particularly the case with the hair – your hair is a very noticeable feature and styling is an important part of fashion. Perhaps this is why the hair weave has become so popular for both women and men.

Balding has many causes like genetics, medication, disease and illness, hormone imbalance and stress. Balding men and women often feel self-conscious and embarrassed and think they look older than they really are.

In the past, the only way to cover baldness was braided wig website with ill-fitting hair pieces and wigs. These were often poorly made, did not look natural and were not always secure. Many comedy sketches have been based on this concept, which certainly would not help the confidence of balding men and women. Extensions were introduced about fifty years ago and have been successfully worn by women since then. However, these are only temporary and there was a need for a more permanent solution to provide extra hair for covering baldness, adding volume and special effects in hair styles.

– What are hair weaves? Weaving has become very popular with women and men of all ages and lifestyles. Basically, it refers to the process of attaching synthetic or human hair to the client’s existing hair by weaving or braiding it into the natural hair. There are several methods used to weave and include weaving onto a cornrowed section of natural hair, onto small groups of strands, gluing the hair onto the natural one in small sections at a time and hand weaving it onto a fine mesh “cap” which is then attached to the natural hair or head.

– Where does the hair that is used for weaving, come from? The majority of human hair comes from the Asian countries of China and India, where women grow it specifically to sell. The hair can be treated to produce different textures which are then classified by the type of hair it resembles – European, Indian, American, Brazilian hair etc. Human hair can also be colored to match normal colors like black, brown or auburn or fashion colors like pink, green or purple.

– What will a hair weave cost? The cost will depend on the type of hair used and the quality of it. There is a very wide range of quality and type of human and synthetic hair on the market, so it is important to research thoroughly and not buy on price alone. Make sure you go to an experienced and fully trained technician to have your hair weave, as inexperienced people could damage your hair or scalp. Typically, a pack of synthetic will cost around $15 to $20; quality human hair will cost hundreds of dollars.

Achieving the look you want in hair styling with hair weaves is getting easier and less expensive all the time as new techniques are developed. Discover for yourself the confidence and style you can achieve with a hair weave.

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