One of the largest expenses homeowners can have when cleaning up their homes or considering a remodeling project is the carpet. With that in mind it is much easier and economical to learn a few carpet cleaning tips rather than facing the expense of replacing your carpeting.

1. Of course the most obvious tip for carpet care is vacuuming. Although this is obvious a lot of people fail to set a schedule for accomplishing this. Your schedule will depend on the traffic on your carpet and the presence of dirt factors. Carpets with pets on them will get dirty faster then those without. With this in mind determine how often you believe your carpets need vacuumed and set a schedule to do this without fail. Keep in mind most carpets will need at least a weekly vacuuming and twice weekly is better.

2. No matter how careful you are with your carpet sooner or later someone will spill something. This is best dealt with immediately. With a stain the longer it is allowed to sit the harder it will be to remove. Normally you should be able to gently blot the spot and clean it with a bit of warm water. If you have a spill that requires more than this, you will find a lot of products on the market to help you. I find that Resolve is one of the better products for removing stains from carpet. But what if you don’t have any products on hand? You can mix water and vinegar and that will often work on a carpet stain.

3. The entrance to your home can make a big difference in how clean your carpet stays. If you put a foot scraper outside and make sure people wipe their feet prior to entering your home, it will help a lot in keeping your carpet looking good. You will also want to place a rug just inside the door for people to wipe their feet and leave their shoes at the door. Shoes carry dirt the-beautiful-home into the house and bare feet have oils on them. It is best to walk on carpet with clean socks.

4. Professional carpet cleaning is also a great help in prolonging your carpet’s life. If you have a machine that will give you the same results as getting your carpet professionally clean you may choose to do it yourself. Otherwise hire someone to clean your carpets for you and make sure they move your furniture and clean the carpet that is under the furniture also. You should schedule this to be done at least yearly and preferably every six months.

5. If you have pets you are faced with yet another challenge in caring for your carpet. Most vacuum cleaners are not good at cleaning up pet hair, especially if you happen to have a long haired dog that sheds a lot. You may feel like you can vacuum every day and still not be able to get the hair up. Worse you may find that the hair clogs the vacuum and you are continually purchasing a new one. One carpet cleaning tip that can help with trying to keep up with the pet hair on your carpet is creating a fabric softener and water mixture, lightly misting your carpet with it, waiting for it to dry and then vacuuming. This makes the hair come up much better and also has the added benefit of leaving a nice smell in the room.

Taking the time to properly care for your carpet will be well worth it in the long run. If you have ever had to replace your carpet you know how expensive it is and if you haven’t then you must already be taking the time to care for your carpet properly. Aside from the expense of carpeting you may also want to consider the health benefits of keeping our carpeting clean. You will be able to reduce allergies and sickness with your efforts and there is nothing more important than your families health.

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