Timeless Business Tools

The establishment of what seems to be a wild frontier of social media use has relegated some tried and true business marketing methods to the back burner. It’s time to turn up the heat.

Your savvy social media team has established a fan page for your business. That’s great. Let them run with it, and you’ll likely pull in repeat customers and even bring in a few new ones. That’s business on the global level. HULT PRIVATE CAPITAL

Revamp the Traditional

Meantime, timeless business tools remain good business investments. We’re talking about traditional ways to reach customers, even if you put a modern spin on it. Oftentimes, these tools that have helped your business can be adapted for use in online marketing efforts. Having a streamlined, multi-pronged approach is simply the way business is done these days.

Why re-invent the wheel when you can simply shine up the wheel that has kept your business thriving? You can use portions of traditional communications – business letters, catalogs, newsletters and business cards – as content on your business web site, social media page and for other media and customer messaging.

Business letters are still critical to communicating details, confirming arrangements and formalizing deals. The modern spin is to adapt business letters traditionally sent through the mail into e-mail versions.

Your traditional business catalog is likely starting to cost some very non-traditional dollars thanks to the rise in paper costs. That’s OK. Continue to put out the traditional catalog, but edit it down to the best-selling items. Then create a ‘new, expanded online catalog.’ This way, your formal piece is available on their desktop, and the newfangled version is available on their laptop.

Customer newsletters get your business name ‘out there.’ Offer it on traditional paper via traditional mail services or via newer, electronic means. Again, content from the newsletter can be carried over into other marketing venues.

The humble business card still exists. Yes, digital v-cards are now part and parcel of the digital world we live in. But you can’t hand a digital card to a customer at a trade show. Though you can send it via your high-tech phone device, for face to face contact, nothing beats the good old fashioned feel of a business card. It should at the very least carry your company name, your name/title and contact info. But at today’s best, that business should also promote your web site, social media efforts and even recent accolades your company has received.

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