The Entrepreneur’s Life Style, the American Way

I was reading an interesting article today by someone I respect in the Internet marketing business and he was pointing out the does and don’ts of getting into this business. I’m afraid I disagree with him on one major point he said don’t get in with a small business attitude. Now my thought are that with economy as bad as it is there are a lot of people hurting right now and if they can make a few bucks on line to help supplement there income why not?

In bad times people need hope and if they can sit in front of there computer and possibly learn how to make a little money where is the problem. I’ve been in and out of business my self many times and I know what a couple of hundred dollars extra means. I’m not talking about being the next overnight whiz kid or guru but where is the harm. This is how a lot of small people started there entrepreneurial lives. Hey I’m not talking about being the next Donald Trump but maybe there is niche you can fill or some type of skill you have that you can sell on line.

Don’t rush out and buy a bunch of e-books that really don’t tell you anything and feed someone Else’s pocket book, look for something you might be able to sell. No matter how bad things get there always somebody looking for some thing, information, a product, help with there life.

There was a guy in Canada that new some thing about asphalting and built an Internet business around it. Maybe your like Joe the plumber you know something a lot of people don’t, are you are a book keeper that had a good job and is now laid off. Look to the positive . You might start a blog and be able to market your skills on the Internet. Maybe you retired, and there something you know that could help other people, train kids, train adults, you know there is a major shortage of air-condition and refrigeration techs, electricians and good plumbers skilled people are in a big shortage go to the government sight and see where the work is where there is a will there is a way. Your over 45 and you think that life has just given you a bad hand. Find a new niche for a new life.

Put your thinking cap on write some articles and submit them to the Internet offer your services as a consultant or teacher find a niche you can fill maybe just maybe there is someone out there that could use you. I’m not an expert but I know what skills I have and if you don’t put your self out there you won’t know. Life can play some strange tricks. Look for forums on something you know about you might be surprised If you get into this. I have a couple of sights I can send you for free information on the Internet. Things are looking up you found this article, what else can you find? If you don’t try you’ll never know.

Find a niche of your own start of a new life style that if you do it right it will be profitable and fun.

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