Search Engine Optimization – How to Write an Article for Your Business

It is generally believed that the ability to write articles is necessary for building up your own web business. You can certainly order the writing of various articles: PR, informational, SEO and so on. But if we talk about building a business from the very beginning (including the zero-budget), it is important not to slow down, but just to be able to write by yourself. HULT PRIVATE CAPITAL

For some people this task would be very simple, for some – too difficult. But still, if you want to succeed in the internet-business, and just be present at this activity, you need to learn about the Search Engine Optimization and the search optimized articles. It develops your knowledge and skills, brings new customers and partners to your business and finally, brings money.

I will not advise you to start from the articles with a clear advertisement purpose. People nowadays are so tired of advertisement that they do not pay attention to it anymore. Besides, you should not forget, that this business is the business of recommendations. And recommendation differs a lot from the traditional advertisement, that we face each day in quite a big amount. That is why, the articles that we are going to write need to have a certain character of information value and pieces of advice or recommendations. It means that it should simply be a useful interesting article for the reader, where in the context you recommend something (for example – your business). It is not right to write that your company/ business/ service are «cool» and to ask the visitors to join you – this is not the solution. Such an article would not work.

Notice: while writing the articles you need to concentrate not over the amount of money and the number of customers it could bring, but over the fact of how interesting will this article be for the reader. The main criteria – the usefulness of the information.

To begin with, let’s clarify the topic of our article. The business is so many-sided that you have a real freedom for the imagination. You can afford quite a lot. You can write really a lot. For example:

– the peculiarities of the business marketing;

– the advantages of carrying on the business online and from home;

– human interrelations on the basis manager-customer;

– human interrelations on the basis manager-manager;

– the advantages and disadvantages of on-line education;

– working in a team and the abilities of the discussion group;

– the tools of the web marketing;

– the differences between the web marketing business and direct online business;

– investment concerning web business;

– the sale basis of the business;

– the main criteria for the online products;

– passive income;

– advertisement technologies and many other.

Thus, to determine the subject area of your article. You should not try to cover a lot, better to focus on a narrow topic and completely work it out.

Next comes the creation of the structure of the article. It should be a consistent and logical plan, which reveals the entire subject. There you need to identify those basics, using which you will write an article.

After that, you have to work on the disclosure of each topic of the plan and writing the introduction to the topic. The more fully you expand each topic; the better will be your story.

Having written all this, read, identifies the errors and corrects them and clear all the doubtful moments.

If everything is done correctly – the article is ready for the publication. The next step is the publication of your article on the Internet for the wide audience.


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