Popular Treatments For Contact Dermatitis

With today’s media and advertising attention on ‘beautiful people’ we have all become conscious of how our skin looks. Most people, particularly females, aspire to having blemished free and healthy looking skin. To help achieve this the vast majority of women buy a range of lotions, creams, and specially formulated soaps to apply to their skin to help maintain a supple, smooth, and silky appearance. However, notwithstanding our attention to ensuring we have healthy skin an increasing number of us are contracting a skin affliction known as Contact Dermatitis.

Contact Dermatitis is a very unpleasant skin affliction that often occurs despite us paying close attention to how we clean and care for our skin. The reactions can be triggered for a variety of reasons and may be an immunologic response or a direct toxic effect from contact with a particular substance. The condition is often beyond our control and occurs despite the fact we try to ensure our skin is adequately protected. Symptoms of the condition include itchy, dry, scaly, and red patches and blotches.

For most sufferers of Contact Dermatitis there are lots of different kinds of cures that are available to assist in the management of the condition. A number of the more popular treatments for are highlighted below:

One of the most simple and popular treatments Nu skin Dermatic Effects for Contact Dermatitis is the application of special emollients or especially formulated moisturizers which are designed to help the skin retain some moisture to the affected area. Often these emollients and creams are used to correct dryness and scaling of the skin as well as correcting fine lines and wrinkles. One of the more readily available products available for the treatment of this condition is Cortizone. In some circumstances Cortizone is available over the counter from your local drug store but in other cases you will have to obtain a prescription from your medical practitioner or specialist.

Take care when using corticosteroids for an extended period as an overuse of prescription drugs can lead to side effects including dilated blood vessels, thinning skin, stretch marks and loss of effectiveness. Another popular treatment for Contact Dermatitis is the use of a range of special skin lubricants like Vaseline or other petroleum jelly based products

There are also a number of companies who are now producing natural treatment for Contact Dermatitis. One such company is Manu Nutraceuticals – they have a range of products which use extracts from the New Zealand Manuka plant. The natural healing products derived from this plant have been scientifically proven to be effective in controlling a broad spectrum of microbes, including gram positive bacteria, fungi, and yeasts that can cause serious skin infection in both humans and animals. Among their many products they have natural oils and creams that are effective treatments for Dermatitis and Eczema.

If you suffer from Contact Dermatitis it is important that you not just treat the problem but spend time trying to determine the actual cause of the ailment. It is likely that one of the root causes of you contacting the condition is exposure to an array of detergents or chemicals which trigger the skin irritation. A process of review and elimination may assist you in determining some of the principal causes of the condition.

If you have this skin condition it is highly recommended that you visit your local doctor and have him/her assess your individual problem. The doctor may suggest you visit a skin specialist to undergo a series of tests to find the particular cause of the problem and to find a suitable program for you to follow for the treatment for Contact Dermatitis.

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